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     Woodland Panels


Our signature Woodland Panels, are cut from meticulously selected basswood logs and are carefully kiln-dried. This environmentally-friendly process leaves us with a non-coated, non-treated panel. But what truly sets these masterpieces apart is how they evoke the natural beauty of the forest by retaining their rustic bark edges. Just as no two trees are the exact same size or shape, no two Woodland Panels will ever be the same.

It's simple for you to determine how much of your photo will be visible. Each rectangle and oval panel has a designated amount of photo space. You can choose from a variety of beautiful graphic borders to fill the remaining space around your photo. Approximate sizes are listed below. Each Woodland Panel, including the mounted hanger, measures 1⅛" thick.

Medium Oval  $20.00 Medium Rectangle $20.00
7-9" x 9-12"   (Photo Size = 6" x 8") 7-10" x 10" (Photo Size = 7" x 10")

Large Oval


Large Rectangle $25.00
9-12" x 11-16" (Photo Size = 8" x 10") 9-12" x 12" (Photo Size = 8" x 12")




   Summit Panels

Summit-PanelsConsisting of a beautiful birch surface mounted on top of a solid pine frame, Summit Panels are finished off by hand applying a golden, pecan-colored stain to each 1⅝” edge. The fresh and clean birch and pine recalls the same trees you'll spot from the very top of a mountain. The Summit Panel also serves a great dual purpose. Each panel can easily hang on your wall using the routed nail groove in the back edge or stand on end to be displayed on your mantel or desk. Available sizes are listed below.


5" x 7" $15.00 8" x 10" $15.00 8" x 14" $20.00
6" x 6" $15.00 10" x 10" $20.00 9" x 12" $20.00
        11" x 14" $25.00