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What is Wood Photo®?


The Wood Photo® team embeds your most precious photos onto custom wood panels. But, really we’re working with memories. First, there are the memories of our parent company, Walnut Hollow, who have been hand-crafting beautiful wood pieces to share in your home for more than 40 years. Then, there are your memories — new and old, photos of moments that mean something to you. At Wood Photo, we combine these two memories to bring you breathtaking art pieces that allow you to cherish both for a lifetime.

Wood Photo allows you to personalize wood panels with your favorite photos. By using the interactive Wood Photo design tool, you are completely in charge of the entire customization process including uploading your photo, editing the size and placement of the image, selecting the wood panel of your choice, and even adding options like borders to certain selections.


Once you’ve made your choices and completed your order, we will carefully create your very own Wood Photo print — just the way you want it. Before we send your panel, we have multiple staff members check it over to make sure the print is exactly what you ordered. And because no two pieces of wood are the same, you can count on every Wood Photo to be something special that you and your loved ones can admire for years to come.

Unlike conventional processes that either paint the surface of the wood, use lasers or screen-printing, or simply glue the photo down, Wood Photo will take your photo and embed it directly into the surface of the wood, permanently sealing the surface. These photos become ingrained in the wood, the same way they are ingrained in your memory. In addition to that, Wood Photo is completely eco-friendly and all our wood products are made in America.